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According to Al Mayadeen, the Turkish foreign ministry described the agreement
between Lebanon and İsrael as “satisfactory”.

Border DemarcationDealBetween Lebanon-Israel

Border DemarcationDealBetween Lebanon-Israel

In a statement on October 27, the Turkish ministry called the signing of the sea border
agreement between Lebanon and Israel “satisfactory”, expressing hope that the deal will
conduce to peace and stability in the eastern Mediterranean region, which is already
facing different challenges.

“The aforementioned agreement also provides the basis for revenue sharing and the
management of the hydrocarbon license areas within the continental shelf of the both
countries through the third party”. The ministry also stated.
Referred to the proposals of the Republic of northern Cyprus to the Greek Cypriot side, it
is claimed in the statement as such:
“Last July, the Turkish republic of northern Cyprus made a cooperation proposal to the
Greek Cypriot side and offered to establish a joint committee for equitable revenue
sharing without causing any disruption to the international oil companies.
Recalling Ankara’s proposal for holding the eastern Mediterranean conference in 2020,
the ministry underlined that Turkey will continue to support the cooperation proposals
of the Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus in 2011, 2012, 2019 and 2022.

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