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40 million Azerbaijanis cannot speak and education with mother’ language, Ilham Aliyev said.

President of Azerbaijan speech

President of Azerbaijan, talked about his countries about period of war with Armenia.

On principle that, Azerbaijan wants those members of Turk state organization focus this topic. In other hand, Aliyev describe about harmony of Turk community front of Armenia act about Islam and Turk nation in region.

One of the important issues in Turk state organization was compose new security cooperation Specifically illegal migration and prevent from Organized crime. Meanwhile, emphasis on development all field such as economic, security, transportation, Tourism etc., were other topics that members had described.

So, these comments showed that Turk state organization made decision to develop security and culture problems. 

As a result, Turk states organization are a new ally that want to create new regional order for get benefit. For example, create a corridor with purpose to transition from East to West.

 Hence, Iran is so important geopolitics that can ban this idea and Turk state organization try to expend ties with Iran and get opportune to it.  

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