P.K.K agent of Explosion on Istanbul

ثبت امتیاز

 13 November 2022 in Turkiye a huge Explosion in Istanbul one of the busy streets Istiklal Avenue caused 6 persons died and 81 was injured.

Terrorist attack in Istanbul

After this occur, Rajab Tayeb Erdogan, Turkiye’s president refer to some counties about this act.

United State, Greece and some UE Countries were guilty this criminal act, Erdogan said. Meanwhile, Süleyman Soylu, talks about agent of Explosion and emphasis that P.K.K and Y.P.G are behind of the criminal explosion. 

He announced to every Kurdish Group specially that Turkiye known who were behind this act and absolutely we revenge that. In other hands, explosion in turkiye create a new situation in turkiye and regional context.

So, Turkiye army inition a military operation in north of Syria for combatted with Kurdish rebel group. On based of military spoke man, turkey to when Disarmament of Militia terrorist group will continue.

 Indeed, protect of this terrorist group by America one of the most causes to disrupt in depended country on west of Asia. Seems that turkiye one of the targets to prevent from development by some EU countries. 

Although, turkiye one of members NATO, but still can’t joint to EU also EU countries prevent and ban this act because they express that Turkiye is a Muslim country.

As a result, Turkiye should so notice to foreign policy and how get relate with these countries to make new turkiye and strong country as well as reduce of Vulnerability in front of enemies.

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