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Chief of CIA and SVR met Ankara on regional and golabel threats for peace in Ankara, Fahrettin Altun said. 

Chief of CIA and SVR met Ankara

Based on Daily Sabah newspaper report that, intelligence service of US and Russia to coordination Turkiye national intelligence organization (MIT) get together met in Ankara.

 One of the important topics in this meeting about Russia and Ukraine war also some problem such as grain deal and gas sale.

Meanwhile, there countries intelligence organization coordination about takes peace in Medill East and talked on how related to get pace and ban crisis on world.

This meeting was so important on war’s black sea also one of the new perspectives about crisis management in golabel issue. In other hand, this meeting showed that contribute of Intelligence organization behind big occur in world.

So, this news press refers to high level related between MIT and CIA, SVR also coordinate together to make decision about regional and golabel menace. Hence, in this met between two head of intelligence service so emphasis on use nuclear weapons and how they prevent this occur.

So, two chief security service talked face-to-face, and they result that Russia and America must notice on golabel peace and get established security on world.

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