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Turkiye to prevent terrorist corridor in border in north of Syria, Erdogan said. On based of, met national security council of Turkiye, they analyzed security problem about YPG, and PKK made decision that Turkiye should get new strategic plane to resolve that

Turkiye don’t allow to create terrorist


In other hand, Turkiye is reading to inition ground military operation in north of Syria. Meanwhile, member of national security council emphasized to independ action on terrorist group. However, before this decide Turkiye clearly announced to western counties specially the US about protect of YPG and PKK.

So, Turkiye decide to clash with terrorist group to take survive of civilian. Although this intention expresses by Rajab Tayyab Erdogan but, some countries are ban from that. Such as US, Russia and Iran are opposite against that intention, because this approach can be to the worst and negative affect on regional. hence, Turkiye is so series on their decision.

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