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Nebati met Saudi trad ministry and talked about new cooperation on economics development.

Turkiye finance ministry meet with Saudi trade ministry

two ministry discourses on ways to economic development and they hope that could create a new economic order in region. On based Nebati twitted that he

talked about financial cooperation as well as evaluation economic relation between each other. Turkiye and Saudi cut off relation since Saudi ambassador killed don Jamal Jamal Khashoggi. So, these countries effort to improve relationship and extend ties.

. One of the indexes in this negotiation is economics and trad relation. Turkiye hope this issue and try to get better relate then past. Undoubtably, Turkiye needs to this strategi toward take hegemony condition in reginal. Another issues matter is energy, practically Turkiye need to gas and that try to compose new energy gas in Mediterranean Sea. Finally, this cooperation can create a new regional order as well as Turkey can down requirement to energy and extend financial Exchange, for this purpose Turkiye.

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