Turkiye worry form digital threaten

ثبت امتیاز

Enemies’ investment on digital menace, Rajab Tayyab Erdogan said. One of the important issues in Turkiye society is digital thereat. Seems that Turkiye government’s men worry about attack on digital and virtual space.

Turkiye worry form digital threaten


Before then, Turkish president referring to fake news and its roles in political process in Turkiye. So, Turkiye try to decree and restrict on digital and virtual space to prevent gotten damage it. In other hand, turkey close to national election in July 2023 and AKP wants get success again after 20 years governed in Turkiye. In this mean, strategics of Turkiye follow some tactics for get upper hands in parties. Also, Turkiye now has so bad condition on economic and costumeries price that caused dissatisfaction Turkish people.

Turkiye worry form digital threaten

CHP one of the important rival parties against AKP. CHP elders announced about Erdogan tactics on winner election. Based on, restricts internet and virtual space by AKP leader is so important plane for ban opposites group. As a results, virtual space is now in site of challenge and completion between AKP and other opposite parties. So, we should wait and will see that, do this hypostasis is correct or no.

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