Azerbaijan announced to Iran about illegal enter Iranian civilian to its territory

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According report of Daily Sabah news that Azerbaijan announced to Iran about illegal enter Iranian civilian to that’s country.


Some day before, on basis Azerbaijan report about illegal enter Iranian civil to Azerbaijan territory, foreign ministry spokesmen said. So, Azerbaijan foreign ministry send oral comment to Iran ambassador in Azerbaijan. His statement came amid reports that 14 Iranian citizens recently entered Azerbaijani areas home to Armenians where Russian peacekeepers are temporarily stationed.


Meanwhile, Azerbaijan wants that Iran clarify discussion about this occur. In other hand, Iran yet no answer to this subject and Iran is researching this issue. Most recently, between Iran and Azerbaijan had conflict because Iran worries about occupied Zangazor region by Azerbaijan and for this plane IRG had military exercise in border with Azerbaijan in Aras general region, So Azerbaijan too against had military exercise that on speaks of political experts that this act had clear massage to Iran.

Hence, Iran and Azerbaijan are in new situation, and they have cold war between that can be to serious contact. As a results, seems that Iran’s ambassador should so be active about improve Iran and Azerbaijan ties, but now we see this important act don’t use an approach finally, it caused Israel to obtain high situation in Azerbaijan.

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