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Turkiye national defense and swidden counterpart talked about swidden and fenland joint to NATO.

Examining the joining of Sweden and Finland to NATO

In this met, Turkiye also worry around of exist terrorist groups in these countries. In past, Turkiye one of opposite about joint swidden and fenland to NATO

That reasons were that Turkiye announced to these countries about life terrorist group in these countries. Turkiye has under attacked with terrorist group such as PKK, YPG and FETO. 

In this word, some EU countries take example Fenland and Swidden helped to these terror groups and supplement military equipment for clash with Turkiye. 

Now day, same start war between Russia and Ukraine in Black Sea, so threat to these Balkan Countries and NATO needs to these country joint NATO for expand territory to around of Russia to get so hard sanction as well as get stuck it. 

In other hand, Turkiye is a big problem against Fenland and Swidden, because most Turkiye opposition are in theses countries. Now, Turkiye tried to use this opportunity for arrest head opposite and element they. 

So, EU is so confused that how resolve this problem. In other hand, EU and NATO so need to these occur and on other hand, Turkiye want to remove opposition and EU don’t do these acts for human right and dependent they. 

Meanwhile, Russia also is so important point in this trend. Undoubtedly, Russia doesn’t like to joint these countries to NATO even Kremlin announced to west if these countries joint to NATO, Russia will deploy nuclear weapons in border with Balkan countries.

Hence, Russia follow so sensitive Turkiye action in these planes and clearly that Turkiye can’t comfortably decide on this subject, because Turkiye has some weeknees point in regional for example in Syria, Black Sea, Energy, immigration, and trad that Turkiye don’t agreement simplitly that.

 As a result, seems this issue is so complex and cannot resolve too easily.Clearly, each side are ruling about international condition, and they try to get high interest in this conflict.

So, maybe Turkiye damage in big gamed because rather west and east don’t honest whit Turkiye and cause be sacrificed.


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