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The high inflation in Turkiye slow-down in new year and we will try to create reasonable customer price, Erdogan said.

Reduction of inflation rate in Turkey

One of the most problem in front of AKP in Turkiye is raise of inflation. So that, Turkish people is so anxiety form this condition.

 Iniation of war between Russia and Ukraine caused that raised energy price in all the world. Clearly that Turkiye one of the customer this product got affection and this matter could bad effect on Turkiye’s economy.

 In other hand, Rajab Tayyab Erdogan disagreed with raise of bank interest rate, and this caused composed a high inflation in Turkiye. Now, Turkiye is closer to national election on appoint president so, Erdogan try to reduce some problem to appoint again in future.

Meanwhile, some opposed parties such as CHP and IYI party focus on weeknees points of AKP. On bases, inflation is the important point to target from these parties. Hence, at new survey AKP had gotten fall down popularity in people eyes.

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