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US so worried from Turkiye troop operation against Kurdish group in north of Syria. Washington Speakman said.

military operation on PKK

Since inition military operation in north of Syria and Iraq by Turkiye also US monitor with attention this act.

Hence, US don’t agree with Turkiye operation and so this action was against human right, Washington Speakman said. In other hand, Turkiye now needs to this treatment because AKP wants to Utilization from that for success again in national election.

Particularly, Rajab Tayyip Erdogan and his political strategics belief that Turkiye need to a big crisis to get development in future.

However, the Turkiye has so problem such as they experience high inflation and people don’t satisfaction from AKP, but Erdogan is trying to component new condition toward overcome oppose party.

For this aim, AKP created emergence condition and they are using that for gat support and removal other opposite party such as CHP and IYI. In between, US want to get hard situation on Erdogan and to strangle opposition group in front of AKP.

US know that AKP doesn’t have good situation in social. So, US want uses from this opportunity and get some privilege. Seems that US is not honest with Turkiye, and they want shout down AKP government in Turkiye.   


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