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EU countries alone Turkiye in Battleground against terrorists’ group of Kurdish, Erdogan said.

Turkiye in combat with YPG

Rajab Tayyab Erdogan, in an interview refer to EU policy about group terrorist and emphasis that Turkiye will being calash with Kurdi terrorist groups specially PKK and YPG.

Since the terrorist attack in Esteghlal street in Istanbul by terrorist woman depend to YPG, Turkiye start widely military operation in north of Syria and so continuation that war to neutralize these terrorists, but some EU countries announced and worried about this operation and they want to stop military action.

Hence, Erdogan express that we don’t let anyone and country about national security and we will continue to take targets. Meanwhile, west country such as US and Germany announced to Turkiye, and they want Turkiye change security plane in Kurdistan. 

In other hand, Turkiye is a new condition in world also this country has some conflict with US and Russia on Syria and Greece issues.

So, this treatment of Turkiye in order of world can be composed the worth situation and entrance regional toward crisis. Finally, seems that Turkiye tried to get some interest between world conflict and use to opportune in regional specially eliminate oppose group or personals such as the past.

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