Turkiye wants to create a Persian language TV network

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Turkiye announced that decide to create a Persian language TV network.

Persian-language TV channel in Turkey

Based on Turkish governor that this country wants to create a Persian TV network. Especially, TRT Persian is that network.

One of the most purpose about that referring to development specially on culture relationship between two countries. 

Another opinion points out that Turkiye intention to transfer Turkiye’s film to Iran and it’s just a trade. Hence, seems that Turkiye intention to create a Psychology operation in Iran such as Iran International network that could affect on Iranian attitude.

So, clear in this decision is an important issue for Turkiye and a tool to affection on Iran society. After Masha Amini and Iran International network to psychology operation for create unrest in Iran,

Now Turkiye as well as decide to components to a Persian language TV network for used to affection on Iran society and people to getting interest against Iran treatment in regional.

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