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Rajab Tayyab Erdogan said no specific data terrorist operation against PKK and YPG.

Terrorist operations against PKK and YPG

Turkiye president in ahead conference in Turkmenistan referred to military operation on border of Syria.

Mian stream that pointed out to Turkiye is defending form it’s against terrorist attack. Meanwhile, Turkiye has a clear target as operation, and it is a create security corridor to 30 km length.

In other hand, Turkiye express that Ankara don’t intention to fall Syria authority and just Turkiye try to safe himself against terror clash.

Hence, Turkiye begging military operation named Claw-Sword on north of Iraq and Syria but, this operation get so worry and critic opinion from side regional country and some human rights activist.

Therefore, world don’t trust about Turkiye intention about this operation and some experts’ emphasis that AKP try to get new situation to success in national election. 

Hence, Rajab Tayyab Erdogan said that to be candidate for last in election and after than the abandon of political scene. Although maybe that Turkiye operation is a security issue but, this treatment is for get a political target and designed by Turkiye national intelligence organization named MIT.

Why that, special operation that relate with political condition proposed by MIT and they aims are for get power and safe AKP between crises.

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