New game of corridor between Turkiye and China and Iran role shut down

ثبت امتیاز

Turkiye a new contrast with Turkmenistan and China is coming a corridor for transfer gas to EU and make hub gas.

New game of corridor between Turkiye and China

Bases on news seems that Turkiye harmony with other countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and China are making a new corridor to gas transfer to west.

Hence, in this propose Iran is ignore and they don’t want to add Iran to this line. So, Iran undoubtedly get detriment and shut down that Geopolitical structure.

In other hand, Iran don’t have effect on world energy smooth. If this propose do, Iran will eliminate from world energy trad. 

Clear that Iran don’t has a good condition in regional policy and straggle with neighbor countries cause fall hegemony and damage in policy of world game. As a result, Iran should get new strategy in regional and world relationship. 

Because Iran now needs to improve relations and create mutual depend on important country in world.  

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