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Ekram Imamoglu one of the politicians in Turkiye is accused and maybe to be deprived from political activities.

Ekram Imamoglu accused

Ekram Imamoglu the mayor of Istanbul and who is active in political issues. He is member of CHP and one of the maybe candidate to national election in 2023.

Hence, he so active to attract vote and persuade people to return from AKP. He is a serious rival of Rajab Tayyab Erdogan and on base last survey he has high level. 

So, he accused to some things such as economic and detour of politics framework and AKP tried to reject him because maybe win in election. As usual, AKP used to some way for example accused to limit rival and ban from competition.

Clearly that, AKP wants to go back CHP and get power again, so they use power to remove rival and create some problem for take soccer. Although, these acts can be prevented from emerge rival but don’t get change in Turkiye. 

Why that, Turkiye use complex policy to improve and make power for some person especially Rajab Tayyab Erdogan.


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