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On base of Turkiye Statistic center, this country population get near to 85 million persons in 2022.

Turkiye population

Turkiye one of the important countries in west of Asia that try to take hegemonic situation in Middle East.

So, one of important index in hard power is population, because crowd can supply human resource for development strategics, and it creates subway for improve every condition.

Hence, Turkiye for10 years ago has planned to growth crowd and in this time provided some index to organized. For example,Unemployment rate, the inflation rate, Economic indicators etc.

clearly that Turkiye wants to raise crowed, why that can to upper hands in EU and Middle East.

In other hands, Turkiye intention to determinative culture structure in Islam world by crowd. Type of Islam in Turkiye refers to Suni Islam that opposite with Shia, so a kind of competition between Iran and Turkiye exist in regional.

the final, this raise of crowd in Turkiye pointed out to some policy of development in regional and international

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