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Israel government forward a formal ambassador to Turkiye, and Rajab Tayyab Erdogan welcome her.

Sending Israel's ambassador to Turkey


Ankara on Tuesday accepted Israel new ambassadors and Turkiye president congratulations, to her.

Ankara and Tel Aviv since military of Israel attacked to ship of Turkiye to helped to Palestine people in Marmara Sea, collapsed relationship. 

But now, these countries again development ties for cooperation in regional issue. Turkiye from first 2022-year return in foreign policy to get high level situation in west of Asia. One of the most reasons is Turkiye national election and appoint chief of president. 

So, Erdogan tries to rise of relationships in regional countries and exist in economic crisis. This policy caused of complex treatment of Turkiye and select new routs by Turkiye.

Cleary, open Israel embassy in Turkiye subway a new occur in region. In other hand, Israel wants to use this condition to Increase press to Iran. 

As a results, Presence of Israel in Iran border a big problem as a threat of Iran national security. Undeadly, Iran has gotten different approach about Turkiye that can raise of crisis between two countries, such as energy deal.

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