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Turkiye and Greece start again. Some days after calm tension between Turkiye and Greece once again raise conflict.

Tension between Turkey and Greece

Greece foreign spoke man said that Turkiye is not honest in Treatment of NATO coalition.

He referred to new security accelerate from Turkiye in regional issues, such as some islands that two courtiers had disagreement. 

In other hand, Turkiye announced to Greece about some movement in region as a threat of national security. From so years ago, Turkiye and Greece had so problem about territory.

Now, these problems emerged and effect on relationships and ties in NATO countries. Hence, most countries member of NATO opposite with Turkiye and they worried about Turkiye roles in EU. 

Seems that UA as well as doesn’t development Turkiye and ban this country to getting so economic capability and military abilities. 

To clear, turkey although now can development and use some opportunity especially war of black sea, but west countries don’t allow to easily for will get high level condition in international deal.


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