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On based kremlin press that Putin wants to talk with Erdogan about regional issue and exchange of views on Ukraine and some subjects’ others.

Putin-Erdogan talked about Ukraine war

Since start of war between Russia and Ukraine, Turkiye government tries to meditation between two countries for get ceasefire in block sea.

In other hand, world needs to some products of Ukraine such as grain and agriculture. Meanwhile, sanction of Russia after attack caused that Russia acts to ban export of grain to other countries too. So, Turkiye used to this opportunity for ear interest.

Today, Putin and Erdogan tendency to negotiation on regional crisis and prediction that they will make Decision Environment export of grin and energy from Turkiye hub to EU.

Seems that, Ukraine war is longtime, and this occur induction that Russia is collapse from side of military and that get so heavy cost.

As a result, that, Putin now so dependent to Erdogan and Turkiye and this subject is so virtual to Turkiye policy in regional and all the world.

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