important subjects in newspaper and media of Turkiye

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Investigating the important topics of Turkish newspapers and media

Examining important issues in Turkey

In today’s news package, we examine the important topics of Turkish newspapers and media.

Daily News

Turkish, Greek ministers exchange messages over bereavement

The death of the mother of Greek Defense Minister Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos opened a new channel of communication between Türkiye and Greece amid escalating tensions between the two countries. The Greek newspaper “To Vima” reported that Panagiotopoulos’ mother, Kaiti Panagiotopoulos, died suddenly of cancer the previous day, and the two counterparts contacted each other for condolences and exchanged good wishes.


Türkiye’s 2022 energy: Gas hub, reserve boost, booming renewables

The major upgrade in the estimate of natural gas reserves in the Black Sea, accelerated energy supply security efforts amid the global energy crisis and record renewable installations and production defined Türkiye’s energy outlook in 2022. The year has been particularly marked by Türkiye’s ramped-up hydrocarbon explorations in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea with its three drillships – Fatih, Kanuni and Yavuz.


Türkiye denounces PKK death threats against Dutch researcher Rena Netjes

Türkiye’s communications director has denounced death threats by the PKK terrorist group against a Dutch analyst, saying those who “can’t tolerate the truth are now threatening her life.”In a documentary produced by TRT World that uncovered new details about a bomb attack by the terrorist YPG/PKK in November last year that killed six people on Istanbul’s busy Istiklal Avenue, “Dutch researcher Rena Netjes sheds light on the terror group’s atrocious attacks,” Fahrettin Altun said on Twitter.


Türkiye, Russia may establish joint patrols in northern Syria, says Turkish defense chief

Türkiye and Russia may establish joint patrols in northern Syria, according to the Turkish national defense minister on Wednesday. Speaking to a group of reporters at the Turkish parliament, Hulusi Akar commented on Türkiye’s recent tripartite meeting with Syria and Russia in Moscow.”Our goal is the defense of our country and nation. For this, the fight against terrorism is a very important element,” he said.

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