Iran parliaments head negotiation with Turkiye and Azerbaijan counterpart

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Iran parliaments spokesman in traveled to Ankara a met with Azerbaijan and Turkiye parliament heads.

Investigating the visit of the Speaker of the Islamic Council to Ankara

Mohammad Bagger Ghalibaf a traveled to Ankara for participated in Asian parliaments meeting two days ago.

One of the important met with Turkiye and Azerbaijan parliaments heads. Since ination war between Azerbaijan and Armenia (Karabakh 2 war), Iran and Azerbaijan tendency to cold relation.

A main reason about this occurs referred to border conflict specially Zangezure corridor that it is between Iran and Armenia. So, this condition created tension in region and Iran after Azerbaijan get military exercise in Aras public region.

Seems, some countries such as Israeli tried to create a big problem in this region for take benefit. Hence, Ghalibaf met with three side with Iran, Turkiye and Azerbaijan composed a new condition for negotiation and resolve theses problems.

 In other hands, Iran tries to expend multi diplomacy to exits form isolation and solve problems with neighbor is so important for Iran diplomacy and compose cooperation. As a results, Iran and other countries negotiation can be new routes for development.    

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