Sweden and Turkiye conflict raise

ثبت امتیاز

Turkiye doesn’t agree Sweden joint to NATO and this act caused angry Sweden people and politicians.

Sweden and Turkiye

Since Sweden decide to NATO after Russia and Ukraine war, Turkiye such a one of important member disagreement with this plane. Turkiye express that Sweden collect Turkiye opposition groups and protect from them, so this country must return terrorist member to Turkiye and deport of some persons were in Sweden, such as FETO, PKK, YPG groups member.

Sweden and Turkiye

. Hence, Sweden declares that no protect from terrorist group and this country based on democracy and don’t remove freedom people. Some persons social active in Sweden, Rajab Tayyab Erdogan’s statue hung up yesterday. Meanwhile, Turkiye foreign ministry called Sweden ambassador and announced about this action. Seems that, Turkiye and Sweden conflict is so serious and Turkiye decide ban from Sweden membership to NATO.

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