about us

The iturkcenter site has been launched to identify and analyze Turkish issues to present to interested parties, researchers and the public. Turkey is one of the most important countries in the Middle East, which is located in the geopolitics of Eurasia and is considered as the gateway to Europe. On the other hand, Turkey is a complex country in the region, which is associated with change and fluidity both in terms of domestic policy and foreign approach. Understanding Turkey’s issues is a good guide for government decision-making and policy-making and community awareness. It should be noted that Turkey’s foreign policy approach is very ambiguous and is mainly based on variable national interests. This group tries to provide a clear view and information to those interested in Turkish issues while carefully and in-depth analyzing Turkey’s issues and behavior in the region and the international system. This information can be effective for the Iranian society in the dimensions of cooperation, travel, trade and communication channels, and provide a suitable platform for more cooperation between Iran and Turkey in the region and the international system. It should also be noted that this site is completely independent and far from political influences, and generally shares the views of analysts and writers, and the responsibility for the content and accuracy of the information lies with the writers and analysts.


The goals of this group are as follows:

1- Deep knowledge of Turkey’s geopolitics and strategic position in the Middle East and Europe.

2- Study and analysis of domestic politics in the form of parties, social forces and influential groups that cause changes and changes in the political structure of Turkey.

3- Turkey’s role in the regional and world economy as one of the leading countries in development and industrialization, which has formed developmentalist backgrounds even in the nuclear and military industry.

4- Presenting cultural and historical patterns in Turkey, which is the main basis of identity relations and foreign policy approach of this country and has sown a kind of seed of confrontation between traditional and modern identities.

5- Recognizing the behavior of Turkish foreign policy, which has many ambiguities and developments and is mainly based on the interests of the Justice and Development Party. As for the evolution of foreign policy from the approach of zeroing differences with Davutoglu’s neighbors to the policy of military intervention in the affairs of Syria and Iraq, we are witnessing Çavuşo اوlu.

6- Examining the role of military power and military development of Turkey as one of the pillars of balance of power in the region and the development of military power in the form of air forces, UAVs, etc.


The Iranian Studies Group in the form of a site seeks to simplify the behavioral and conceptual complexities of Turkey and provide a clear picture of its developments. Undoubtedly, the modeling of Turkey’s behavioral approaches on a domestic and international scale is a beacon for the correct policy-making of statesmen in shaping a lasting relationship based on mutual respect. Turkey has gone through many events, from coups to elections and NATO membership, and many events can take place in the future. The Iranian Studies Group seeks to provide possible scenarios for Turkish issues and seeks to establish a good and stable relationship between Iran and Turkey.